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EEA Grants

The Icelandic Women’s Rights Association has partnered with several organizations in projects funded by EEA – Norway grants.

We have organized several study visits in Iceland for partners in Slovenia, Poland and Romania. We have also cooperated in a larger project funded by the EEA – Norway grants, working with Metina lista in Slovenia. The project was aimed at increasing the political participation of women in Slovenia, and we held a conference in Ljubljana, 8 December 2014.

We have experience working with other European funding bodies. In 2010-2012, we participated in a multilateral project funded by the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Project. Other partners were in Germany, Romania, Spain and the UK. The project trained dialogue facilitators, specifically to reach disadvantaged groups. We are now co-applicants with our German partner for a Grundtvig multilateral project dealing with women’s history.

We are always excited to meet new partners for further cooperation. Contact us if you are looking for a partner in multinational projects dealing with women’s rights and gender equality, krfi @ krfi.is.

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