Online Violence Against Women in the Nordic Countries

The Icelandic Women’s Rights Association is collaborating with the Women’s Council in Denmark and KUN – Centre for Gender Equality in Norway in a project aimed at understanding and combatting online violence against women.

Online violence against women has increased in recent years, with the proliferation of new technologies and the rise of social media. Online violence includes harassment, stalking, blackmail/threats, identity theft, accessing or disseminating private data, child pornography, sexual assault or rape, and altering and/or uploading photos and videos without consent.

This project aims to document the way in which online violence against women manifests itself in Iceland, Denmark, and Norway. To place this research into a global conversation, the final report and summaries of this research will be written in English and published online. Summaries will also be written in Icelandic, Danish and Norwegian, to contribute to national and local conversations on online violence.

The project is funded by the nordic equality fund NIKK, and is scheduled to be completed by May 2017. An interview with the executive manager of IWRA about the project has been published on NIKK’s website: „Lack of legal security for victims of online violence“.

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