• Abstract on Women‘s Studies in Iceland 1970-1997Helga Kress. University of Iceland, Reykjavik. 1997.
    This abstract presents 195 women‘s studies in Iceland between 1970 and 1997. Although the studies are in Icelandic language, the abstract gives a short description and analysis of their content in English language. N.B. NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE.
  • Doing and Becoming: Women‘s Movements and Personhood in Iceland 1870-1990. Sigríður Dúna Kristmundsdóttir. University of Iceland, Reykjavik. 1999.
    A comprehensive analysis of the ideas and activities of Icelandic women’s movements, from their emergence in the last decades of the 19th century to the present day. The book describes and analyses events in the history of Icelandic women’s rights, the social attributes of the women concerned, their ideas and activities. A key element in the analysis is the importance of social personhood, and a demonstration of how women create and recreate themselves as social persons through their movement activities, shedding new light on the dynamism of social movements.
  • From Feminism to Class Politics: The Rise and Decline of Women‘s Politics in Reykjavik. Auður Styrkársdóttir. Umeå University, Sweden. 1998.
    A dissertation which seeks to examine the relationship between women‘s suffrage, party politics and patriarchal power in the period between 1908-1926 in Iceland. During these years, women in Iceland ran separate lists at local and national level. Despite the fact that Iceland was not the only country to see the emergence of separate women‘s political organisations that ran candidates at the elections, the outcome was nowhere as successful as in this country. The books explains the factors that allowed women to carry out their own politics within a male-run system in Iceland, using numerous theories and postulations within political science.