This page provides a list of useful resources regarding different aspects of women’s rights in the Icelandic society.

The list is separated into the following sections:

  • Gender Equality: Iceland has been ranked at the top of the World Economic Forum’s Gender Equality Index since 2009. Despite this, gender-based inequalities and discriminations still exist. This section provides links to reports, articles and statistics on gender equality in Iceland, as well as information about policies adopted on the issue and possible strategies for guaranteeing equality between men and women in Icelandic society.
  • Equal Pay Standard: The section provides links to documents, interviews and reports on the “Equal Pay Standard”, a system created in 2012 to confirm that men and women, working for the same employer, are paid equal wages and enjoy equal terms of employment for the same jobs or jobs of equal value.
  • Labor Market and Parental Leave: Iceland provides both parents the equal amount of parental leave. The documents and articles in this section deal with situation of women in the labor market in the Nordic Countries, in particular in Iceland. Links to information on the parental leave strategies and laws enacted in this area are also provided.
  • Prostitution and Human Trafficking: Despite the fact that there is a lack of research on the issue, it appears that the number of victims of human trafficking and prostitution in Iceland has increased in the past few years. Links to official documents and articles which explain the issue are presented in this section.
  • Gender-Based Violence and Discrimination: The section provides links to articles, reports and official documents regarding the violence against women and discrimination in Iceland. The number of victims has risen sharply in the past few years, and a cooperation between the different stakeholders has been started in order to fight the issue.
  • Women’s Political Power and Influence: Links to books and reports that focus on the way in which women have become an active part of the political life in Iceland.
  • Icelandic Women on Strike: On 24th October 2016 thousands of women in Iceland left work at 14.38, demonstrating against the gender pay gap. This was the fifth time Icelandic women went on strike. The section presents a list of links to international articles about women on strike in the country.
  • Contacts in Iceland: A list of NGOs and other important stakeholders in Iceland.