Municipalities provide all kinds of services for all kinds of people. Meaning it’s important that the candidacies for local elections reflect the diversity found in our communities.

#Játak is a shout out of encouragement to candidates for city, town and local governments to consider diversity, safeguard the equal rights of all genders and put together ballots that represent the diverse spectrum in our society.

Our aim with the coordinated effort of #Játak, is to increase diversity in the candidacies for local governing bodies. We need to ensure that as many genders, people of different ages and backgrounds are united in developing progress in society.

#Játak is an initiative on behalf of the Directorate of Equality and the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Transport and Local Government, the Multicultural Information Centre, and the Association of Icelandic Municipalities.

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