International_Alliance_of_Women_IAW_logoThe Icelandic Women’s Rights Association has been a member of the International Alliance of Women (IAW) since 1907.

The June issue of the IAW newsletter has just been published.

The International Meeting in Kuwait has been cancelled for security reasons. The Union of Kuwaiti Women regrets that they cannot host the next IAW meeting, but the situtation in the region is far too unstable, and it may not be safe for IAW to go there. Read more in the newsletter.

Rural Women’s Network of Nepal (RUWON), a member organization of IAW, has asked for help providing immediate relief for victims of the recent earthquake. More information in the newsletter.

The newsletter also includes links to recently published books on women’s rights, and a short update from Denmark and its celebration of one hundred years of suffrage.

Read the IAW newsletter for June 2015 here.

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