Member Organizations

Druslubækur og doðrantar

An association of women with broad interest in literature. They publish the webzine Druslubækur og doðrantar, about women’s literature.

Druslubækur og doðrantar joined the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association in 2018.

Femínísk fjármál

Femínísk fjármál is an association of specialists and people interested about gendered finance. The mission of the association is to increase public knowledge about gendered finance and to monitor government finance.

Femínísk fjármál joined the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association in 2019.


Fjöruverðlaunin is the Icelandic Women’s Literature Prize, handed annually in three categories: for best work of fiction, for best work of non-fiction and best work of non-fiction.

The Icelandic Women’s Literature Prize was first awarded in 2007. The purpose of the award is to promote women’s publications and encourage women to write.

Fjöruverðlaunin joined the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association in 2019.


Rótin is the Association on Women, Addiction and Mental Health. Rótin was established in the spring of 2013 by a group of women in Iceland eager to seek knowledge and instigate a change of course in the field of addiction treatment in Iceland and be a forum for critical discussions on women, addiction and violence, both for women with addiction problems, their relations and professionals.

The objectives of Rótin are to promote public discussion on issues relating to women, addiction, mental health, trauma and violence, and to back up programs aimed specifically at the treatment of women with addiction related problems.

Rótin encourages cooperation between institutions, organisations and other professionals involved in the treatment of addiction, violence and trauma, and intends to gather information and promote the processing of existing data, as well as to contribute to studies in this field for the benefit of women. The aim is also to gather knowledge, give lectures, take part in conferences and seminars, alone or in cooperation with other associations or institutions, and to initiate discussions on issues relating to addiction, especially concerning women.

Rótin joined the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association in 2020.

Samtök um kvennaathvarfið

Samtök um Kvennaathvarfið, The Women’s Shelter Association, was established on June 2nd 1982. It was decided at the inaugural meeting to open a shelter for women who were not able to stay in their own homes due to violence. On December 6th the same year, the Women’s Shelter was opened.

Samtök um kvennaathvarf joined the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association in 2019.

Trans Ísland

Trans Ísland was founded in 2007 and is the main support and advocacy organization for trans people in Iceland. Trans Ísland has, since its founding, been an unceasing advocate for trans people in Iceland.

Trans Ísland joined the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association in 2020.

W.O.M.E.N. in Iceland, samtök kvenna af erlendum uppruna

Women Of Multicultural Ethnicity Network – W.O.M.E.N. in Iceland was founded on October 24, 2003. The goal of W.O.M.E.N. is to unite, to express and address the interests and issues of women of foreign origin living in Iceland in order to bring about equality for them as women and as foreigners in all areas of society. W.O.M.E.N. in Iceland is open to all women of foreign origin who live in Iceland.

W.O.M.E.N. in Iceland joined the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association in 2018.

The Icelandic Women’s Rights Association

The Icelandic Women’s Rights Association has fought for women’s rights and gender equality since 1907.

IWRA is a member of the International Alliance of Women and the European Women’s Lobby.

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