The December 2014 issue of the IAW newsletter includes an update on the discussion on prostitution in  Canada and Ireland; news flashes from Egypt, Pakistan, India and the UK, and information about the session hosted by IAW at the CSW 59, the 2015 meeting of the Commission for the Status of Women, which will take place in New York March 9-20 2015.

IAW is preparing two side events for CSW. One is on “Lessons Learnt from Presidents and Prime Ministers Worldwide” and the title of the other one is “Deeds – No Words — Implementing CEDAW and UN SC Resolution 1325”.
It is still possible for members of IAW to register as participants for CSW. To get into the UN buildings you will need a pass. Contact IWRA for further information, kvenrettindafelag @  if you wish to become a member of the delegation and get a pass.

Read the IAW newsletter for December 2014 here.

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