NOW – New Opportunities for Women is a transnational network from the UK, Cyprus, Ireland, Greece, France, Spain, Iceland and Portugal. Our focus is to develop a mentoring and training programme that will support all women, especially migrant women, to develop the confidence and skills needed to achieve their aspirations.

This project not only focuses on women but also aims to provide men with knowledge and skills that they can use to support women. A key element of this project is to consider ‘leadership’ in its widest sense. We will gain insight from female leaders but also consider concepts such as thinking of leadership as a soft skill which is essential if women are to be confident, assertive and take ownership of their personal and professional development and pro-actively seek out opportunities.

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Six Month Milestone

We are delighted to be celebrating our six-month milestone. The NOW project was launched in October 2019, we have achieved much in this time. We have started capturing amazing and inspiring stories about women leaders and migrant women from each of our respective countries.

We are in the process of shaping what our MOOC and training / mentoring programme will look like. Each partner has brought their own unique perspectives to the project which will ensure that each element of our programme will be relevant and appropriate to such a diverse group of women across Europe and globally.

Coping with Covid-19

The world is in the middle of a pandemic and the consequences have been heart breaking and extraordinarily disruptive. Despite the challenges, project partners have been very supportive of each other and very keen to ensure that the project is not affected.

Due to this commitment, the project is continuing to make good progress and we have fully embraced virtual approaches and have continued to fully collaborate. This has been a positive outcome as our NOW programme is fully virtual and so any learning that we are gaining right now is being fed back into how we are shaping our outputs.

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