450 women from all over the world met at the Reykjavík Global Forum on November 18th to 20th 2019 to discuss the global challenges on the eve of the third decade of the 21st century.

The Reykjavík Global Forum gathers leaders from around the globe, including Presidents, Prime Ministers, and other public figures, as well as women leaders from business, academia, civil society, arts, media and more.

The Reykjavík Global Forum, previously Women Leaders Global Forum, was launched in November 2018, in Reykjavík, Iceland and is is annually co-hosted by Women Political Leaders (WPL) and the government and parliament of Iceland. IWRA, the Icelandic Women’s Rights Assocation, is an official partner of the Forum. 

Tatjana Latinovic, the Chair of IWRA, participated in the Forum, joining a panel organized by IceFemIn, the Icelandic Feminist Initiative

IceFemIn, Icelandic Feminist Initiative, is a movement founded 2017 by Icelandic women in support of women’s liberation, equality and parity, both in Iceland and abroad. The women of IceFemIn have all been working for women’s liberation for many years and have a broad experience in politics, social matters and gender research, especially from their activity within The Women’s Alliance. The women of IceFemIn want to use their knowledge and experience to support women and feminists in their struggle for gender equality and freedom, also to hold governments accountable and introduce new ideas and demands for radical social change.

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