NOW – New Opportunities for Women is a transnational network from the UK, Cyprus, Ireland, Greece, France, Spain, Iceland and Portugal providing mentorship and support to immigrant women.

The NOW project aims to lead change through mentoring. Migrant women face significant challenges and barriers to their progress and ultimate success. NOW project partners, representing eight countries across Europe have come together to develop a mentoring programme for individuals who want to better support migrant women and women leaders. The mentors are supported through a comprehensive open source (MOOC) digital platform and through training and supervision whilst they deliver mentoring to project beneficiaries. Leading change through mentoring is a proven approach that has deep and lasting impact.

NOW – New Opportunities for Women project partners have been successful in delivering pilots in each of our countries. Pilots began in April 2021 and will continue into the next few months. Following the pilot each country will suggest further adaptations suggested by our newly trained mentors and their mentees.

The results of our pilot will be shared through our social media platforms as well as presented in our end of project event, due to take place in September 2021. Contact us to guarantee your place or follow our social media to keep posted.

Here are some quotes from our mentors and mentees talking about the impact that this programme has made:

“I had no previous experience. I learnt how I can help someone without taking on responsibility for fixing their problem but helping by supporting and guiding. “I have increased by knowledge of mentoring skills and understanding the needs of the migrant women” (NOW Mentor)

“I benefitted more than I had expected. I have learnt to set SMART goals and plan the steps to achieve them now have the confidence to join a leadership course which is being offered at my work” (NOW Mentee)

“Seeing the impact and change in our mentees and mentors has been a joy to witness. They brought our project idea to life and more importantly we see that our approaches work and make a difference”, says Afshan Baksh, project leader of NOW
– New Opportunities for Women.

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