The 33 women elected to Alþingi, the Icelandic parliament, in 2021, from

Women now hold the majority of the seats in the Icelandic parliament, following an historic parliamentary election. 33 women were elected to Alþingi, the Icelandic Parliament, 52.4% of the 63 seats. This is the first time that women are elected majority in a national parliament in Europe, and this has been accomplished without a gender quota laws for elections.

The Icelandic Women’s Rights Association congratulates all the new members of Alþingi. We also thank the thousands of women who for over a century have worked tirelessly for gender equality and women’s rights, the activists and politicians who have made this year’s election results possible.

We trust our new parliament to keep working on gender equality and women’s rights. We still have a long way to go until Iceland becomes a truly gender equal country.

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